Thursday, 12 January 2012

Roundabout Debate

Rochester may be famous for its Dickens festival, and they may have a Town Cryer, a huge Cathedral, and a bit of a castle but they do not have a horse on a roundabout !
Come to Belvedere for a day out, and not only can you visit the B & Q just by the station, you must come see the horse that has been erected on our roundabout.
I love the youtube video about its erection (sorry...cannot resist!). It features the guy that paid for it, turning up to its unveiling in his horse and cart, and I think the theme tune to Steptoe and son is playing in the background, but I might just have heard that playing in my head!
I cannot believe it wasn't adorned with fairy lights over the Christmas period, next year I fully intend to visit our huge B & Q (which you can see from my bedroom window) and buy a few bits and bobs to put on it.
If the Belvedere Horse isn't too much excitement for one day, you could perhaps drive a mile or so to nearby Erith, and take a look at the Erith fish which is also on a roundabout. Sadly, the fish is not as popular as our horse, and some mean bugger once drove into it, but that does not detract from its beauty.
So in your face... people of Rochester, you may have your market and your Dickens Dressing Up days, but we have a Horse on a Roundabout!
What would you rather have on a roundabout...a horse or a fish ?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Blog from the bog

Sometimes saying what you want to say in 140 characters is impossible, so thats why I have started this, also  every one has a blog, so I want one!
It won't be full of big words or very long, though I might occasionally throw in a word like penultimate just to sound a bit clever ! I might even go a bit crazy and not use spell check.
Today I woke in a very dark mood, and cheered myself up by imagining how nice it would be to have a dog that you could take for walks! Not just any old walks, but a walk in the country!
I live in a town but am a country girl at heart ! I think my love of the country started when I spent a week with an Aunt who lived in the country, and I watched her crush a mole with a stone. Auntie Phyllis was her name, and she had her very own horse called Roger.
Anyway, I think its Auntie Phyllis's fault that I want to live in the country, though if I did live in the country, I would never ever crush a mole !